Music Production where to start?

Hey guys, a great music studio producer for some who need a awesome and professional touch for your music! Let's check where to start with music production and getting help with some great music producers in the business!


For you to produce you might need to learn and getting help with others music producers in the business for you to master or mix your tracks, Below let's check 2 great music production websites that can help us to achieve a pretty decent mastering and mixing for our tracks.

According to the website, great music production website the step 5 is to try special techniques:

Sometimes special techniques are employed in mastering, for both technical and creative reasons.

For example, often a mastering engineer will strap a highpass filter at around 30-40 Hz across the mix (there’s little musical energy down there) to eliminate any unnecessary subsonics in the tracks, like footfalls or rumbling.

music production courses and tutorials for beginners
music production courses and tutorials for beginners
Those might not even be audible on a system without a subwoofer, but they could compromise the master, potentially affecting compressor response or playback on small speakers. Another technique sometime used is to employ a crossover to reduce frequencies below 100 Hz or so to mono—a trick that was routinely done to promote better tracking in the vinyl era.

A special technique commonly used in mastering is M-S—Mid/Side—processing. M-S is a matrix that converts a standard left-right audio to a sum signal (L+R, pure mono) and a difference signal (L-R, which is mostly wide-panned elements and reverb/ambience).

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For more music production tutorials check it out their free tutorials page:


If you are in the beginner stage of music production you could hire a nice music producer to work with you, NasKobbys is a great music production website which you can have a great service for your music mixing and mastering.  NasKobby is a record producer, track producer and music producer who oversees and manages the sound recording and production of a band or performer's music, which may range from recording one song to recording a lengthy concept album.During his recording, mixing and mastering process he has an overall vision for the music, the sound and the goals of the project, and he help bring a unique perspective to inspire, assist and sometimes provoke the artists to bring out the best in them. Check it out more of NasKobbys music production website:

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