Create a music website with cms platform complete features for musicians

Hey guys quick tip here! I just found this great website where you can create a full hip hop musician website with cms platform within minutes!

Pretty great website and it has a lot of musician features, such as store, download area, music, lyrics, bio, albuns photos, tour and more!

BANDZOOGLE WEBSITE: From the beginning, we've had a simple goal: to empower musicians to build effective websites for their music.It all started in 1999, with a single band website, built by Bandzoogle's founder Chris Vinson for his alt-rock band, Rubberman. Grass roots promotion, plus the online community that the website created helped the band get a record deal.In between tours, Chris worked at the record label, building websites for multi-platinum selling artists. To save time, he built a "control panel" to let managers and artists make the changes themselves. Realizing this could also help independent bands and musicians build and update their own websites, Chris launched Bandzoogle in late 2003.Now, more than a decade later, tens of thousands of artists around the world use Bandzoogle every day to build their website and promote their music online.

Choose from over 100 beautiful, mobile-ready themes. Start by choosing from hundreds of beautiful out of the box themes, that look great on all devices.

Make it unique in a few clicks. Customize your layout, fonts, and colors with our easy point and click editor. CSS pro? Dive in and edit the CSS directly.

Add your content! Adding photos, text, and music is a snap -- no web designer help needed. Other powerful features like a blog, gig calendar, store, and mailing list are just two clicks away. Everything you need for a great band website is built-in. THis is great for you to promote your music and band!

I just created this hip hop website here, it's in demo mode, but you can finish all website and then pay for it. It's really great and it has all a musicians need to build a nice and automated hip hop website with fully music production and music artist features.

create music website cms for musicians all features you can imagine
create music website cms for musicians all features you can imagine
As you can see in the image above, this is just a example of how powerful this cms is. For uploading your music you have a complete alternatives to offer you music into the website,  like the music player, discount coupons, payment methods, and more!!! This is for music track, it has a lot other options for albuns and playlists too!

Connect to your services!! Bandzoogle integrates seamlessly with many external services. Add a Bandcamp player, Instagram gallery, Twitter feed and more in a single click. No HTML code needed.

Publish to the world!! All Bandzoogle plans come with a free .COM address (like Print it on your merch, share it with your fans, and make it yours. We also automatically optimize your website to get found in search engines like Google.

This is how the website looks like, you can test to see the mobile template too! It works great! We saw a hip hop rappers template but it has a lot of themes for all music genres!


We saw a lot of companies offering website themes and also cms platforms. But they all seems to general and random, not especifically to a professional like musician or photographers. The Bandzoogle is made for musicians of all styles, the themes and features of the cms platform are perfect for a musicians or band needs! Create your music website, if you are a band, musician solo, group and others! This is a complete website service for your music!

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