Create music vocals in jazz music tracks using samples(free download)

Hello everyone, Let's add some sexy female voices in a lounge jazz music track that I just downloaded in Tracklib a nice royalty free stock audio website. Also I downloaded this huge female vocals pack and we will explore this huge vocal pack and combine with our jazz music track free download.

So first thing let's download these amazing resources for you to use for this create your own music tutorial! This is going to be a easy one and I create this post most for these nice stock audio resources for you to know for your future music production projects and works. We are going to use a DAW you can use anyone that can edit loops and samples, and we are going to create a vocal verse phrase for this lounge jazz music track.

create a female vocal verse using loops and samples pack
create a female vocal verse using loops and samples pack


The first thing to do is to go to the TrackLib Website, this sampling music website is a great website if you are looking for nice and professional  music website that provides instrumental and songs for you to use in your djeeing, or sampling etc.

download lounge jazz free track to use for background music
lounge jazz free track to use for background music

I download this music track free download here, it's in E minor so it's good to know when we try to put later the vocal loop samples in Acid Pro DAW:

The website has a nice referral program which consists that every referral you get you have a free download to use! Very good, I just added here to my favorites, do it too! You are going to need this  sampling website later! =D

My link to the referral is

The Other audio stock website is the Producerspace stock audio website, this is a amazing website that provides huge samples pack and bundles for music production,this is amazing as you will see in the video, the free samples pack are like very complete and it has a lot of options to use for your create music project!

minor and major vocals loop samples pack
huge vocal samples pack in all music minor and major scales

You can download this huge and insane soulful house female vocals pack, It came out great with the soundtrack above, It has a nice and charming vibe to it! Since the free lounge jazz music track that we are gonna use it's in E minor, we are going to search in this huge vocal samples free download pack the E minor vocal samples inside the pack.:

Ok !

Now that you have all the resources let's follow this video tutorial on how to create music vocals in our music tracks using free samples pack and free music tracks for video creators!

 Notice that I'm using ACID PRO for this create music tutorial, but you can use another DAW or music software to follow this tutorial, Acid pro is quite good and I feel very confortable using this music software, you can download ACID PRO for 30 days full trial and explore one of the finest and easy-to-work-with DAW, especially if you are working with loops and samples, for example I love the way Acid loop changes the tempo in the loops automatically, and how you can have a great control in the track editors to move and easily manipulate the loops and samples used in the music project!

best music software for manipulating loops and samples
best daw for working with loops and samples files

First let's drag and drop the lounge jazz music track into Acid pro track editor, after that let's try to find the vocal loops in this vocal samples pack. We need the vocal loop samples in E minor, since the lounge jazz track is in Eminor. After that let's just choose the best ones and try to build a vocal jazz vocal phrases with some nice hooks and shouts also some phrases, I think we did a pretty good job in the video tutorial, let's check it out!