Best music production websites resources

Hey guys I just found this amazing music production website, since we are a create music community It's always come in hand great music production website resources!

In this post I like to share 1 music production website that contains all resources you need for music production, like, tools, loops and samples, vst and plugins instruments, tutorials and much more!

best music production websites resources
best music production websites resources

Subaqueousmusic is a great music production website! They have worked with a lot of clients in the music business field and the website has a lot of stuff for professional music producers and also beginners music producers and music makers!

They have a lot of section in their blog so you can explore a lot of content like, tutorials, courses, loops and samples, tools, vst instruments, sounds, mix and mastering services, sound design, live music production website templates, wavetable, presets, drum hacks, free music tools and much more!

They appear to have a preference for Ableton music software but I check it out and it has a lot of good content not just related to Ableton music producer software and it has a lot of content for Eletronic music production.

About Subaqueous music:The fluid movements in a sea of fusion is the heart of Subaqueous music.  By blending future past and eclectic rhythms Subaqueous moves the listeners through a sonic epic.Subaqueous’ music can be found on the dance floor of transformational festivals, ecstatic dances, and fusion dance all over the west coast USA and the world. His unique sound invites dancers to be in touch with their kinetic nature. It’s a deeply emotional journeySubaqueous, aka Isaac Cotec, has released music with many labels and collaborators over the years.  He has had 9 successful releases in the last 5 years.  You can find his music on some of the staple labels of the transformation music movement; Merkaba Music, Critical Beats, and Street Ritual.  Check out his Discography.

Due to my moment with my blog I'm really looking and searching for loops and samples packs to make my create music tutorials, so I really liked the loops and samples packs of subaquaeos music production website:

It a lot of loops and samples pack for music production and some vst instruments and presets as well.


There are a lot of music production websites out there and most of them provide services like mixing, mastering and distribution, but Subaqueous have a lot more than that, the website provides great free music tools, presets, templates, eletronic kits, vst, plugins, music production courses, loops and samples pack and much more, it has great music production blog posts like tips and resources so it's pretty amazing to have this in our bookmarks!