Top 5 Vocal sample pack collection for producers(ALL IN ONE packs)

This is a selection of vocal and voices audio samples that we need to create our music. We can mix with soundpools and our own music.

Below you will find a vocal sample pack audio samples library with voice, vocals, shouts, acapella, vox, female vocals, male vocals and more!
Trap vocal samples, twerk vocal samples, dj vocal samples, house, techno, indian, arabic, soul, r&b, funk, hip hop, rap and more vocal sample pack library for you to search and test for yourself.

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Good construction vocal kits with shouts, rap, adlibs, vox, melodies, hooks, chops, stems, fx, choral, acapella, phrases, vocal cuts, pitched, chopped, presets, chorus, verses, songs and lyrics.

Rex2 files, midi files, fl studio files, ableton files, reason format, loops,  samples and sound wav files.

Let's get started with some ALL IN ONE vocal sample pack, this is the complete bundle with anything you need, chorus, chops etc, and any music style like, trap, hip hop, indian, movie dialogue sound effects etc....

Vocal sample pack 1:

This vocal sample pack has 3.23 GB of audio files and  24Bit 44.1 KHZ . This is a ALL IN ONE pack.

You will find 362 House Loops and Phrases, 169 vocal samples of Hip Hop and Electro Loops and Phrases, 181 audio samples of Blues Loops and  Phrases, 94 audio samples of Drum & Bass Loops and phrases, 93 Ghetto Funk and Break Phrases, 74 vocal samples of Dub and Reggae Loops and Phrases, 66 Trap vocal samples and Loops, 13 Funk Loops, 70 Indian voices Loops, 48 Robot voices Loops, 43 Pop Loops, 40 Latin vocals Loop packs, 186 House Vox Shots and Spoken Word, 163 Dub One Shots and  Vox Fx. 161 Movie voice Dialog Samples, 85 funk Vox Shots, 55 Trap vocal samples with Vox Shots, 53 vocal samples of Ghetto Funk One Shots and Vox Fx, 45 Hip Hop Vox Shots and 19 Soft vocal  Sampler Patches.

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vocal samples pack 1

Vocal sample pack 2:

Another ALL IN ONE pack. For this second vocal sample pack let's take a look on chants, lead vocals samples, more adlibs and rap. Also for this vocal samples pack we can find dialogues voices audio samples, indian vocal samples, acapella, talking vocal audio samples, harmonies, shouts, sound effects, phrases,

In detail expect to find 3.41GB of content with 183 House Loops, 138 Blues Loops, 137 Movie Dialogue Loops, 129 Tech House Loops, 116 Trap Loops, 102 Indian Loops, 73 Electronica Loops, 63 Hip Hop Loops, 57 Garage Loops, 52 Future Bass & RnB Loops, 43 Drum & Bass Loops, 34 Soul & Pop Loops, 27 Dub Loops and 13 Vintage Loops.

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One shots include 201 Spoken Vocals, 172 Vocal Fx, 166 House Shots, 103 Dub Shots, 45 Soul & Pop One Shots, 38 Tech House Shots, 32 Vocal Multi Hits, 28 Trap Shots, 27 Future Bass & RnB Shots, 15 Garage Shots, 4 Hip Hop Acapella Stems and 2 Dub Acapella Stems. 20 Sampler Patches are included for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, Exs24 and SFZ.

You will find a lot of music genres, and loops and samples in a variaety of tempos. Great and easy for you to build your music and create the best song ever.

ultimate vocal sample pack 2
vocal sample pack 2 

Vocal sample pack 3: Female vocal pack 

This is a preety good female vocal sample pack, the quality is incredible, they did a very professional vocal mixind and editing. The vocal sample pack has 160 loops and samples, these audio samples have vocal phrases, short phrases, vocoder mixing samples, fx vocals, one shots, adlibs, vocal shots, vocal hooks, pitched and chopped female vocals, topline vocals and more.

The you can put in eletronic music, pop music, dubstep, Techno, house, reggaeton, and others. These are some really inspirational female vocals collection!

Download royalty free female vocal sample pack
royalty free female vocal sample pack

Vocal sample pack 4: Trap vocal sample pack

In this trap vocal sample pack we will find more than 150 audio samples with all kinds of vocal variations, like one shot sliced vocal samples, loops, phrases and more. This vocal sample pack is a collection of edm drop vocals and real trap vocals.

This vocal sample pack contains 179 Samples and Loops in total. All loops, samples and patches are 100% Royalty Free and the Quality is 24Bit 44.1KHZ.
The audio formats are WAV, AIFF, REX2 and for the Sampler patches you will have KONTAKT, HALION, NN-XT, EXS24.

vocal samples pack 1: 18 Edm Vocal Loops
vocal samples pack 2: 20 Trap Vocal Loops
vocal samples pack 3: 11 Combined Vocal Loops
vocal samples pack 4: 18 Edm Vocal Phrases
vocal samples pack 5: 18 Trap Vocal Phrases
vocal samples pack 6: 45 Vocals Samples
vocal samples pack 7: 46 Soft Sampler Patches

download trap vocal sample pack here
trap vocal sample pack download

Vocal sample pack 5: House vocal samples bundle

This is a megal vocal sample pack bundle, it's a ALL IN ONE pack for house music production. It contains the full house vocal samples pack of 6 house packs. You will find a lot of samples, loops, audio files, rex files, patches and more. It contains more than 4.5GB of vocal samples to use for House music production.

This is a vocal sample of the best vocal artists in this audio samples website. You will find vocal hooks, adlibs, one shots, vocal phrases and more....

The music genres can combine with R&B, hip hop, gospel, soul, grime and rap. The singers for this vocal sample pack are: Elica Le Bon,  Kate Wild, Leanne Brown, Sheree Hicks, Riya and Robert Owens.

bundle of house vocal samples download
house vocal samples pack bundle

House vocal samples 1:

641 MB
5 Songs
20 Chorus Loops
19 Verse Loops
10 Full Acapella Stems (5 Dry 5 Wet)
5 Bridge Loops
3 Mid Loops
1 Outro Loop
1 Hook
31 Vocal Hits & Phrases
96 Rex2 Files
1 Soft Sampler Patch

House Vocal Samples 2:

1.53 GB
12 Full Acapellas Kits
120 Bonus Hooks and Phrases
126 Vocal Hits
196 Rex2 Files

House vocal samples 3:

466 MB
6 Songs
54 Lead Stems
35 Backing Vocal Stems
34 Harmony Stems
12 Adlib Stems
35 Vocal Shots & Phrases
135 Rex2 Files
7 Soft Sampler patches

download house vocal samples pack
collection of house vocal samples bundle

House vocal samples 4

993 MB
5 Songs
5 Full Acapellas
6 Adlibs
9 Verse
5 Leads
3 Low Chorus
4 High Chorus
3 Chorus Harmony
5 Harmonies
1 Backing Vocal
71 Vocal Phrases & Shots
59 Rex2 Files
1 Sampler Patch

House vocal samples 5

450 MB
5 Songs
28 Vocal Loops
27 Adlibs
12 Verses
10 Choruses
228 Vocal Shots & Phrases
77 Rex2 Files
3 Sampler Patches

House vocal samples 6

747 MB
8 Full Song Ideas
86 Sung Loops
81 Spoken Loops
14 Short Phrase Folders
51 Sung Phrases
12 Chorus Phrases
12 Spoken Phrases