Using vocal samples pack to create a loop music for my channel intro video

Let's use this nice Online video creator to create a nice intro for our Music channel! The website has a nice online tool to create awesome video intro, with great intro templates!

music visualization video templates for music tracks
music visualization video templates for music tracks

This online video creator has also a Logo creator, which for music bloggers could be great too! This music website have a lot of music visualization videos already made! So if you are looking for creating a video clip for your music tracks, the problem is solved! The videos are in high quality and combine very nicely with any type of music in any music genre.

They have a website builder, but the project is only for April 2019, so let's wait untill we can create our music website with this online tool!

I used a vocal samples pack to create the background music for this music intro template! The song doesn't combine so much with the intro theme, but that was the only wav file that I had here in this pc.

But for this intro template, maybe a nice cinematic soundtrack could fit perfectly!

But I will post more intro templates for musicians and also the music visualization video templates, and see how it works with the music that we create here in

TO check the online video creator for music channel go here>

Vocal samples pack HQ

royalty free vocal samples pack
vocal samples pack - trap and others
Check out this video. I'm using these vocal samples pack and changing the tempo to see how it fits better with the other loop samples:

The loop samples packs that I used for this loop music in the intro background music are:

voice samples 1

Some of the files included in this vocal pack:

Vocal phrase - Everytime in F major 95 BPM wav file

Vocal phrase Goodbye in D major 90 BPM  wav file

Saying I Feel Lost in D major 90 BPM wav file

Vocal phrase Reach The Sky in G major 140 BPM wav file

Vocal Chops in F major 95 BPM wav file

Woman counting screaming 321 Go! wav file

Vocal Phrases saying Ook wav file

Vocal Shout wav file

Voice Shouting hooo wav file

vocal samples pack 2

This has a lot of vocal phrases great for you to create your verses or powerful chorus with it:

all these phrase vocal audio samples are in 120 BPM*

Woman singing 'deep inside' in C#m wav file download loop

Vocal phrase woman 'dont call me' in Bm  wav file sample

Extended woman phrase vocal saying 'left behind' in G wav file audio sample

Vocal phrase woman saying let you know in Cm wav file sample

Female vocal singing long phrase 'mistakes I've made' in in Bm wav file loop

Female vocal verse 'overdue' in Dm wav file loop

Free female vocal 'promises' Em wav file sound sample

Vocal female saying 'stronger' in Dm wav file

Female vocal phrase saying 'touch the sky' in A wave loop file

Vocal shout melody phrase: 'wooyeah' in Dm wav file sample

vocal sound packs 3

In this vocal pack, we will have a lot of vox fx, some female vocals and male vocals. The vocal hooks in this vocal collection pack has the best vocal samples to use for eletronic music or trap music. It has some vocal phrases for verses and vocal phrases for chorus.

VIDEO: Using vocal samples pack to create a loop music for my channel intro video

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