Music production bundles - New! Rent to own monthly plan

10 dollar rent Serum or rent Izone.A innovative way to use music production bundles at less cost and fully use the best music plugins available.

Music production plugins boutique full with synths, vst instruments and stock audio library with 2millions of loops, samples and sound effects.

The best: You can try for 14 days, use full professional music plugins and DAW and also have a ready to go stock audio arsenal.

With a DAW with composition, remix, arrangement, auto-editing and recording, this website is providing the best way to use music production bundles that include not only the audio library with loops and samples music files, but with the DAW and synth as well read more...

With a rent-to-own innovative music production bundles plan, this website came up with a great way to use and explore infinity plugins and stock audio library for music producers.

Practically free mastering vst - rent-to-own plan just 10 dollars per month:

Let's say you want to provide for your clients a music with Serum power. This website offers you 3 days free to use full version of Serum, and then you'll pay only 10 bucks to use with all updates available and new release features included. The best part is that the rent-to-own the music production plugin is to pay the 10 dollars per month and after you reach the full value of Serum, you will own it like you have purchased the software.

So it's a pretty good deal for music producers who are beginners or for the new generation of musicians and DJ who are going to be the next music creators in the market. So you can rent Serum , or Rent Izone for just 10 Dollars and accumulate your payments to own the software later. Read more...

The stock audio library have more than 2 millions sounds and packs, including the pack of music producers in the field. Search by label, genre, instruments, packs, sound effects, cinematic fx, presets and more... also, the Exclusive Splice-produced sample packs from recording sessions with acclaimed musicians. The Fantastic Sounds of Jay Dee and Friends - Sampling is a conversation between artists. We invited some of today's greats to make loops out of Jay Dee's sounds. Read more...

And last but not least, the free online beat maker, included with all the samples and stock audio library live for you to use, check it out on the video preview below:

In conclusion, the music production bundles websites, are always innovating and I think this rent-to-own type is a great deal to offer to music producers in general to get into music production and composition as fast as possible. I mean, in this website you have, the stock audio library with more than 2 millions sounds,

samples and loops, the music plugins available for you a very low cost, like having Serum plugin for just $10, it's a amazing deal, no more discount coupons to buy music plugins, and you can have the full DAW to work, and also a beat maker online to use. This is a great website and hope that this article could help you to find great website that can provide nice music production bundles plans! So you'll have a music production bundle per month plan! This is awesome!

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Author: Fernando Pereira