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Free soundfonts sf2 files format , great quality soundfonts and you help a community to grow.

There are some website over the web to find good quality general midi soundfont, I checked and I didn't realize that exists lots of  best soundfonts with really great quality,and with a community to help each other, you can upload your soundfont too and share with others.

Free soundfonts for LMMS and any DAW or soundfont sf2 player.

Hey guys, so I was looking for some lmms soundfont and I found a nice website that has a lot of free soundfonts packs, to download. It works like a community website which anyone can upload their free soundfonts for others to download for free. The website has a premium membership but you can use the free one, you can donate also for the website in order to help! SO it's a nice website to find good quality soundfonts for free.

The one that I download was the 12 strings soundfont sf2 file. It's in public domain so it's all free to use, even for commercial purposes. 

The quality of this free soundfonts are pretty good as you can see in the video below.

You can download this guitar rhythm pattern if you want too, to use in your LMMS, the file is the lmms project mmpz file: click here to download

The link to download the lmms soundfonts, in this case the 12 strings guitar sf2 file click here

Another one that I downloaded so far was the jazz drum kit soundfont sf2:  click here


In LMMS you can use one shot samples too, in order to create a instrument, you use the audio processor plugin and then upload the audio sample and use as a vst instrument, but I really like the soundfonts, so you have that option too, here is a tutorial on how to use one shot lmms audio samples to create your music

Hope you guys enjoy this tip on how to found free soundfonts packs, this is a great website because you can help donating and uploading your own soundfonts, it's a soundfonts sf2 community. I posted in my old tutorials a huge pack of lmms soundfonts but I don't know how he collected the soundfonts, but still worth to check it too.




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Lmms free soundfonts - Soundfont sf2 big pack by createmusic.xyz