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Koto classic instruments samples to download. Koto is a  japanese stringed instrument used for folk and ethnic world music. Modern artists like to mix with trap and other eletronic styles. Download koto sound samples. 

It has a huge collection of koto sample pack. Also, I'm showing you the koto free samples download in the taster's pack.

The files included in the samples pack are:

Koto sound 1- 100 BPM bend in E wav file
Koto sound 2- 100 BPM sust_C wav file
Koto sound 3- 110 BP Mmute D wav file
Koto sound 4- 110 BPM stacc C wav file
Koto sound 5- 110 BPM sust D wav file
Koto sound 6- 130 BPM mute C wav file
Koto sound 7- 140 BPM finger G wav file
Koto sound 8- 150 BPM sust_C wav file
Koto sound 9- arp A#m-down wav file
Koto sound 10- arp Cm-up wav file
Koto sound 11- down C3 A#2 wav file
Koto sound 12- FX wav file
Koto sound 13- FX 15 wav file
Koto sound 14- suri A_F#-4 wav file
Koto sound 15- up A3-B3  wav file


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Here is the koto video preview of sound samples included in the bundle:

I have a Japanese Taiko drum sample that you can download for free too, this is a part of my freebies samples collection.
You can easily combine these Japanese drum patterns with any other Japanese classic instrument. Like shamisen, koto, shinobue, and other Japanese instruments. It has the traditional folk patterns and some variations that I create myself.


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In the video below let's use Audacity and some of the free koto samples together with my Taiko samples pack,  and see if we can come up with some nice loop music.

First let's choose the koto sound sample wav file that we want, I used this one Koto sound 8- 150_sust_C_2.wav.

After that, let's duplicate the koto sample one time, just, select the sample in the track line and them crtl+C , crtl+V and paste after the first sample.

Now we can add the taiko audio files. I choose a one shot Odaiko, and a shimedaiko pattern. Before copying and pasting in the track to make our rhythm, first we need to change the tempo in the shimedaiko(santokodokkoi) variation, from 60BPM to 75BPM, and then using the amplifying filter to boost the dynamic a little bit

Check the koto sound samples video tutorial below:

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Resources credits:
Music software: https://www.audacityteam.org/
Thumbnail image: https://www.canva.com
Video editor: Kdenlive
Screen recorder: Vokoscreen
Debian OS

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