Jazz loops kit - Create intro music for your video

Jazz loops kits are hard to find if you are looking for something specific like brush drums or a nice sax solo or base guitar. Let's find out where to find nice jazz loops kits and how to use them to make a intro music for your video.

I used 2 jazz loops kit, they are free and you can download in the taster pack. The taster pack have more jazz drums loops and samples than jazz melody loops. If you like, you can buy the full jazz loops kit to create more easily a full music, or more intro music for your videos.

We will use Audacity music software, this is a Free DAW and you can use in Windows, Mac OS or Linux. If you don't want to use Audacity you can choose any other DAW. In general they're all work the same way, with a few features differentiate from each other, but here we are going to use basic stuff only.

I can indicate Acid pro, it's very intuitive and great for beginners. You can use a 30 days free full trial, just go and download Acid pro if you want. But any other DAW will work, Ableton, Fruit Loops, etc. If you are in Mac,  there are good alternatives too, like, Garageband, Pro tools, Logic Pro, and some Apple apps. I never uses Ableton or Fruit Loops, but make sure they have pitch change and tempo change as a filter. We will change the jazz loops tempo and pitch here.

We need to change the jazz loops tempo to 128 BPM to 160 BPM and also the Sax jazz loops from A to Ab pitch.

So this is a very simple tutorial for beginners I guess, but if you are advanced in music production, you can check out the jazz loops kits and create a more complicated music with it.

VIDEO - Jazz loops kit - Create intro music for your video 

You will need to download the taster pack from these jazz loops kit in order to finish the tutorial:

Jazz loops kit 1
Jazz Loops Kit 2

The full jazz loops pack varies from 1GB to 4 GB depending on which jazz kit you want to choose. Like for example you can check here what you will get from this pack :

1GB with 510 Loops and Samples including  Loops, Single Hits, Jazz Drum Loops, Jazz Guitar Loops, Saxophone Loops, Mashup Loops, NuSwing Loops, Big Band Loops, Jazz Band Loops, Ragtime Loops, Bass Hits,Crowd FX, Cymbals, Instrument Hits,Kicks, Noise FX,Perc Hits Shakers, Snares, toms,Vinyl FX. This one is the Swing Jazz kit, It has some nice and great quality of old jazz loops. Really impressive jazz loops pack.

Here is the taster pack, there are 10 jazz loops per taster pack, I'm showing here only 15 of 3 jazz loops kits for you to check it out:

The wav files in the taster pack :
Let's check the jazz melody loops first:
1 - Jazz guitar loop 124 BPM in Bb
2 - Jazz melody loop SAX in Bb
3 - SWING_DRUMS in 124 BPM
4 - Jazz beat drums with melody NU_SWING in Gb
5 - Guitar melody jazz loop in A 128 BPM
Now the awesome jazz loops drum:
6 - Jazz drum loops 87 BPM
7 - 100 BPM jazz drum Loop
8 - 100 BPM jazz drums beat
9 - 115 BPM Jazz full drums
10 -115 BPM full jazz drums loop
11 - Jazz Drum loop full 100 BPM
12 - Swift_Drums 100 BPM loop
13 - 110 BPM jazz drum phrase
14 - Drum jazz full 110 BPM
15 - Jazz Drums 120 BPM

You can check for some more interesting jazz loops kit:

jazz brush loops royalty free

jazz brushes loops

This is a big jazz loops kit:

Live Drum And Bass Drums - K J Sawka

31 MB192 Drum Hits15 Sampler Patches
Acoustic Drum Workshop

230 MB213 Snare Hits185 Cymbal Hits92 Kick Hits35 Tom Hits21 Sampler Patches
Puncture Kit - Beats Cycling

343 MB176 Puncture Kit Ambient Hits193 Puncture Kit Close Hits192 Studio Kit Ambient Hits190 Studio Kit Close Hits4 Sampler Patches
Jazz Drums Vol1 - Mark Fletcher

85 MB131 Live Drum Samples6 Sampler Patches
Jazz Sessions

61 MB82 Big Kit Samples40 Natural Kit Samples41 Conga Samples4 Sampler Patches
Jungle Drummer - Live Urban Drums

54 MB131 Live Drum Samples6 Sampler Patches

jazz brush loops free royalty
brush-jazz-drum-loops-vol-1 big bundle
You can check my drum loops freebies too:

Download 100 drum loops royalty free kit
100 drum loops free download

Hope you guys enjoy the jazz music intro for videos, pretty simple and we saw a lot of great jazz loops kit resources here! Don't forget to subscribe to check for more create music tutorials!


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Video editor: Kdenlive
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Jazz loops kit - Create intro music for your video BY FERNANDO JOSEI.