How to use the song generator - Pop genres

How to use the Song generator in Magix Music maker to build pop genres music.

Very easy to use and all you need to have is the soundpool you want to generate the song.

You can generate a crush song if you choose a romantic soundpool for example.

song generator pop genres
pop song generator software

Songs created with the song generator pop app:

The song generator will build the song according to with the function you put in the windows menu.

You can choose the instruments you want, like, vocals, adlibs, guitar, bass, synth, organ, piano, etc...

It will be a custom generator choice, It's like a song app generator.

Check here another video I create using the song generator pop app:

Also, you can control the construction of a song as well. If you want a song with intro, verse and an outro, you can do that.

Usually, the song has an Intro, 1 verse, chorus, verse again, chorus, bridge, chorus and to finalize with an outro.

And the last feature is that you can control the speed and tune of the song, you can choose the setup or use the custom option.

You may need to adjust one thing or another, but what you are seeing here are songs created and not adjust anything, I upload the way the song generator rendered.

These songs automatically created with the song generator app could be use for background music as well.

You can download the song generator pop genres app here

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