Asian mood free mp3 download to use as background for videos

2 websites that offers free japanese music, thank you for the great music content, those are quality free music to use as background music for videos.

It's hard to find free asian music, but these 2 websites can provide nice free music to use, not only japan music style but other beats too.

Nice library of mp3 free music to download, a stock audio for free music and songs.


If  you are struggling to find japan beats, here are 2 great website that provide free music to download to use as background music. I was doing a research the other day on oriental music mood, because I was making a video for my dad about his trip to Japan, and that was hard to find japan mood music, like some instrumental nice ambient music to put as background for his smart phone videos.

But after doing a lot of searches, I could find 2 great website that offer free music to download, you can use for free and you can always purchase more licenses, but it's free to use.

This is the first website:

It has nice beats and most of are modern japan music, but the feeling of the music it has folk melodies, the music have a very asian mood.

THe second website is:

It has a great mp3 free music to download, the one that I like the most it  is the title, "Green tea" track.

I create a background music for videos with oriental mood, you can check and it's free to download too:

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