Creating 2 min dubstep song with free samples

Create a dubstep song using free construction kit and Audacity free music software.

In this video I'll share with you how we can use free samples and build a song or music basically manipulating wav files into the track editor in Audacity free editing software.

You will see in the video the files that I use to build the dubstep song. The is only 2 min but you can see how to build it up and extend the verse, or chorus, or intro. It will depend on how much of free samples do you have.

TO download the 1gb free samples go to:

With audacity free music software you can edit .wav files, build songs and mix and editing and also recording live with your instrument. Audacity doesn't have Midi editor tool, it's a simple music software but it's nice and easy to use.

In the video as it goes along, Just watch the video, check which sample I imported in to the track editor and then check the timeline to see where to put it, I didn't create any steps in the video, just watching you can build, remember, check the sample I use, and then check the timeline to see in which second I put the sample, also, check for the alterations that I did in some samples, maybe some cutting, or pasting, or putting a reverb filter or any other alteration in the audio samples. Do not worry about sync perfectly, in the final part of this video we will check all the samples and put in the right place.

After that we can export the audacity project to .aiff files, or mp3, you can choose, below you can watch the video tutorial: