Create loop music - free female vocals pack

In this tutorial, let's explore a free vocal samples pack and use my free tabla percussion samples to create Indian loop music using Audacity music software.

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Ok, first let's download the resources that I use in this tutorial. We have 2 links, one is for you to download my freebie, it's a tabla percussion samples pack, we will use one indian percussion sample of this pack.

This is the indian loop music final result for this tutorial:


The other one is a free voice samples wav pack from Loopmasters. The taster's pack has 10 sample in hindi, we wil use one indian female vocal samples of this pack, you can purchase the full pack if you want.

Link 1:free india tabla percussion samples pack
Link 2: free female vocals pack

First le'ts put the 2 audio files into Audacity, just drag and drop in the track editor. You will ended up with 2 tracks.

For the tabla percussion track, let's copy and paste the sample to fill all the chants of india wav file in the first track.

Now we can add a Reverb and Amplify the tabla samples, to give a more deep sound for the female vocals. Also, we can add a reverb to the chant sample.

Then for the final we need to cut the vocal sample in the first track, you can check in the video where to cut, just to keep sync with the tabla percussion track.

VIDEO: Create loop music - Using female hindi vocal loops pack

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Create loop music - Using female hindi vocal loops pack by CREATEMUSIC.XYZ