Choir sample pack - Vocal pack free download

Free Choir sample pack - Vocal pack free download. 26 WAV files of choir voices to use in any project you want, a stock audio royalty free samples pack.

In the video below you can check all the loops and samples in the choir sample pack.

I put a Audacity tutorial, it shows how we can change the pitch of the choir loops to match the others loops in the track editor.

The pack has 26 choir loops, It has 3 folders, variation 1, variation 2 and 3. The loops have variations of chords, C, Cmaj, Cmin, Cmin7, Cmaj7, Csus2, Csus4. So you can change the pitch and use in any loop melody.

Example of the files in this choir sample pack:

variation1/Csus2 chord.wav
variation1/Csus4 chord.wav

Download the choir sample pack here:

In this video below, we can see how to change the  choir samples to match the loops of our music, if I have a guitar loop in Em for example, we can change the pitch of the any choir loop file to the pitch we need, in this case Em. So I'm going to put a Cminor choir sample and then change the pitch to E, as you can see in the Audacity tutorial below:

You can download the free guitar loops that I used in the audacity tutorial:

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Video editor: Kdenlive
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