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 Best computer for music production - Motherboard

The motherboard for best desktop for music production It always good to consider the quantity of USB ports and a quality onboard audio with all the connectors you may use.

Best computer for music production - RAM

For best pc laptop for music production, starting with RAM, for more update hardware and modern computers, best 8GB and 16GB. Depending on the CPU, you can  fill the 8 RAM slots on the motherboard to put 64gb of DDR4 RAM memory.

 Hard Drive for best computer for music production

The Hard drive is always good to choose SSD, better for music producers that uses a lot of VST instruments, for the files you are editing, and then choose a HDD larger capacity, slow but for you to storage the files when you finish editing them. Choose 2, 1 SSD and 1 HDD.

CPU for best desktop for music production

The CPU for music production pc is great to have some options here: R5 2400G lower price, great performance, for simpler audio files. The i5-9600K is also a good option here, the higher single-core performance makes up for the less threads than AMD. For midlle performances you have AMD newest Ryzen 7 CPUs and the i7-9700K.For Higher music production work, you can spend more money but not regret it. the i9-7940X and i9-7960X and the TR 2950X, these are 14-16 cores and 32 threads.

Graphic card for the best computer for music production

If you are going to make only audio productivity, then you don't need to worry about the GPU, unless you are working with some 3D rendering and also video editing alongside with music production, then you will need a better GPU performance. The GTX 1060 6GB for audio, and for video rendering GTX 1080 might be good enough.

Make sure you have a power supply too, if you are working with larger music production projects, you might prevent some damage for your music work.

You can search for a local store that can build personalized desktops in your city, is the best way to create a best desktop for music production, than order online, or if you know about hardrive you might consider buying on Amazon the pieces and build your computer yourself. This is a good website that you can use to help you build your own desktop for music production

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