Violin samples pack stock audio library

Violin samples pack stock audio library Full bundles and free pack to download, taster pack in the video below.

Get the best stock audio violin loops for your music production,  thousands of violin samples and loops to use for loop music.

Violin stock audio audio loops with ethnic, classical, epic and cinematic strings. 

Great Violin Stock audio loops library with more than 10 GB of content! The best choice for professional Music producers.

 Violin samples stock audio pack 1:

1.54 GB24Bit
Violin Loops in Amin
74 Violin Loops in Bmin
65 Violin Loops in C
65 Violin Loops in G
63 Violin Loops in Dmin
60 Violin Loops in Emin
418 Rex2 Files

taster pack violin loops files:

stock audio file 1: 70_Amin_Violin_13.wav
stock audio file 2: 70_Emin_Violin_3.wav
stock audio file 3: 70_G_Violin_8.wav
stock audio file 4: 80_Amin_Violin_7.wav
stock audio file 5: 80_Bmin_Violin_3.wav
stock audio file 6: 100_Amin_Violin_13.wav
stock audio file 7: 100_C_Violin_6.wav
stock audio file 8: 120_Amin_Violin_7.wav
stock audio file 9: 120_Bmin_Violin_3.wav
stock audio file 10: 120_C_Violin_3.wav

 Violin samples stock audio pack 2:

    781 MB
    24Bit 44.1KHZ
    12 String Construction Sequences
    96 Cello Loops
    96 Violin Loops
    3 String Multis
    1 Soft Sampler Patch
    192 Rex2 Files
    12 Chord Seq Midi Files

Violin Stock audio taster pack files included:

stock audio file 1: 100_Bb_Violin_1_Seq11.wav
stock audio file 2: 100_Cm_Cellos_4_Seq1.wav
stock audio file 3: 100_Cm_Violin_2_Seq1.wav
stock audio file 4: 100_C_Violin_4_Seq12.wav
stock audio file 5: 100_Dm_Violin_2_Seq2.wav
stock audio file 6: 100_Eb_Cellos_1_Seq7.wav
stock audio file 7: 100_Eb_Violin_1_Seq7.wav
stock audio file 8: 100_F_Cellos_2_Seq4.wav
stock audio file 9: 100_F_Cellos_3_Seq12.wav
stock audio file 10: 100_Gm_Cellos_4_Seq2.wav

 Violin samples stock audio pack 3:

    24bit 44.1khz Quality
    666MB (zip main)
    335 Ethnic Violin Loops
    Tempos from 80BPM to 174BPM

Violin stock audio taster pack files included:

stock audio file 1: Ethnic Violin Sample 01.wav
stock audio file 2: Ethnic Violin Sample 02.wav
stock audio file 3: Ethnic Violin Sample 03.wav
stock audio file 4: Ethnic Violin Sample 04.wav
stock audio file 5: Ethnic Violin Sample 05.wav
stock audio file 6: Ethnic Violin Sample 06.wav
stock audio file 7: Ethnic Violin Sample 07.wav
stock audio file 8: Ethnic Violin Sample 08.wav
stock audio file 9: Ethnic Violin Sample 09.wav
stock audio file 10: Ethnic Violin Sample 10.wav

You can check the violin stock audio taster pack files 1,2,3 in the video preview:

LARGE VIOLIN SAMPLES PACK: World Violins: East to West

Preview stock audio violin big pack:

Apple violin Loops

    1.55 GB Total Content
    774 Apple Loop Files

Acidized WAV violin loops

    1.57 GB Total Content
    774 Acidized WAV Files

688.3 MB Total Content
    776 REX Files
Violin REX/RMX
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Author: Fernando Josei Kanashiro Pereira