Stock music sound effects - Impacts and war sounds 47 audio files download pack

AK_Shot_Fx_06.wav Atmos_4.wav Battle_Fx_05.wav Blast_Fx_11.wav Drone_6.wav Grenade_Fx_02.wav Gun_Shot_Fx_02.wav M4_Carbine_Fx_02.wav Mech_Hit_Fx_04.wav Military_Radio_Fx_06.wav 

CannonFireSingle_SFXB.4387.wav ATMO_5.wav BASS_HIT_1.wav BOMB_1.wav BONGO_3.wav CRASH_1.wav DROP_2.wav FILL_2.wav IMPACT_1.wav
IMPACT_8.wav KICK_1.wav RAIN_1.wav REVERSE_CYMBAL_1.wav
REWIND_1.wav STAB_1.wav SUB_DROP_1.wav SUB_IMPACT_1.wav TECH_BOMB_2.wav THUD_1.wav TT_STOP_3.wav UPLIFTER_2.wav
UPR_1.wav WN_1.wav KnifeStabFlesh_SFXB.4408.wav 

MachineGunBren_SFXB.4428.wav IR&D_2_DROPS_124_016.wav
IR&D_2_DROPS_124_019.wav IR&D_2_DROPS_124_027.wav
IR&D_2_DROPS_124_043.wav IR&D_2_IMPACTS_124_010.wav
IR&D_2_IMPACTS_124_022.wav IR&D_2_IMPACTS_124_038.wav IR&D_2_IMPACTS_124_045.wav IR&D_2_RISERS_124_032.wav SFXBDemo-Warfare.wav SubmachineGunSten_SFXB.4679.wav WhipCrackBullwhip_SFXB.4756.wav

Download 47 sounds for war, battle, impact, drop, raiser and more:

This is a  royalty free music loops and sound effects that you can use and test for yourself in your video production, music production or other. You can use all these sound effects.

Just go to the download page and click for download taster's pack:

Check out in the video all the sound fx samples available:

CREATE MUSIC XYZ stock music sound effects - Impacts and war sounds