Stock audio royalty free loops - Cinematic fx bundle

Royalty free loops stock audio library for cinematic fx sounds and samples.

Huge bundle including cinematic drum samples and cinematic percussion samples.

Expect to find Over 400Mb of sounds including Complex Hits, Fly-past Engine Noises, Sweeping Whooshes, Heavy Weight Explosions, Metallic Rattles, Grinding Crunches, Orchestral Drones, Dark Ambiences and Sci-Fi FX.

The files included are in folders separate very good for your organization and to find the loops that you want:

Stock audio pack 1: 8 Complex Hits,
Stock audio pack 2: 11 Drum Slams,
Stock audio pack 3: 12 Cinematic FX,
Stock audio pack 4: 5 Flange Hits
Stock audio pack 5: 8 Jet Explosions
Stock audio pack 6: 14 Synthetic Impacts
Stock audio pack 7: 7 Wreckage Hits
Stock audio pack 8: 10 Data Flares
Stock audio pack 9: 5 Pharmacopeia Noises
Stock audio pack 10: 9 Short Circuit Sounds
Stock audio pack 11: 32 Textures and Drones
Stock audio pack 12: 41 Whooshes and Sweeps
Stock audio pack 13: 6 Crank Sweeps
Stock audio pack 14: 4 Dry Swishes
Stock audio pack 15: 12 Heavy Metal Doppler FX
Stock audio pack 16: 3 Vocal Swells
Stock audio pack 17: 4 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats

The cinematic stock audio free loops WAV files in the video are in the taster pack:

Royalty free audio loops 1: ECFX_Complex_Hit_4.wav
Royalty free audio loops 2: ECFX_Dark_Ambience_4.wav
Royalty free audio loops 3: ECFX_Data_Flare_3.wav
Royalty free audio loops 4: ECFX_Drum_Slam_4.wav
Royalty free audio loops 5: ECFX_Epic_Cinematic_Hits_4.wav
Royalty free audio loops 6: ECFX_Flanger_Hit_5.wav
Royalty free audio loops 7: ECFX_Heavy_Metal_Swishes_005.wav
Royalty free audio loops 8: ECFX_Short_Circuit_SFX_9.wav
Royalty free audio loops 9: ECFX_Synthetic_Drone_1.wav
Royalty free audio loops 10: ECFX_Vocal_Swell_2.wav

Here is stock audio freebies that you can download royalty free: