royalty free stock audio loops - HIP HOP BUNDLE

 Stock audio royalty free website with more than 4.5 GB for your music production.

Stock audio free loops for hip hop music production and performance live.

Royalty free stock audio loops Full bundle HIP HOP futuristic sounds with loops and samples. Audio units with One shots, sound effects, MIDI files and more:


Stock audio library:

2.39 GB
24Bit 44.1KHZ
Stock audio pack 1:  90 Synth Loops
Stock audio pack 2: 54 Synth Bass Loops
Stock audio pack 3: 48 Keys Loops
Stock audio pack 4: 36 Drum Loops
Stock audio pack 5: 31 Live Drum Loops
Stock audio pack 6: 25 Instrument Fx Loops
Stock audio pack 7: 17 Violin Loops
Stock audio pack 8: 13 Atmosphere Loops
Stock audio pack 9: 10 Percussion Loops
Stock audio pack 10: 8 Electric Bass Loops
Stock audio pack 11: 100 Drum Hits
Stock audio pack 12: 82 Fx
Stock audio pack 13: 43 Perc Fx
Stock audio pack 14: 32 Bass Hits
Stock audio pack 15: 31 Synth Hits
Stock audio pack 16: 5 Atmospheres
Stock audio pack 17: 344 Rex2 Files
Stock audio pack 18: 83 Soft Sampler Patches


The files included in the video audio are in the free stock audio loops taster pack:

Royalty free audio 1: EEK_75_Am_Autum_Keys_01.wav
Royalty free audio 2: EEK_75_Ark_Drums.wav
Royalty free audio 3: EEK_75_Em_Fractured_Keys_03.wav
Royalty free audio 4: EEK_75_Gm_Warm_Syn_Bass_01.wav
Royalty free audio 5: EEK_85_Bbm_Dreamweave_Atmos.wav
Royalty free audio 6: EEK_85_Dm_Dirty_Syn_Bass_01.wav
Royalty free audio 7: EEK_85_Dm_Peak_Syn_Lead_03.wav
Royalty free audio 8: EEK_85_Weak_Beat.wav
Royalty free audio 9: EEK_90_Am_Violin_Rico_01.wav
Royalty free audio 10: EEK_90_Grinder_Full_Drums.wav

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