Cinematic drum samples - free cinematic percussion samples

Cinematic drum samples - free cinematic percussion samples bundles and packs.

For music production and stock audio usage for video creation and movie creation.

Also to create your own music in your computer these cinematic drum samples goes nicely along with your music production.

Great stock audio drum samples for cinematic production, this full pack of cinematic drum samples, includes

454MB178 Files
027 Dark and Sparse Drum Loops
023 Heavy Drum Loops
020 Percussion Tops
030 Stuttered and Glitchy Drum Loops
013 Distorted and Glitchy Drum Hits
015 Drum Elements023 Hits and Booms
024 Percussion Hits
003 Batery Kits

Great epic drum samples if you are doing music production or video production it fits well in your computer music.
It has some free cinematic percussion samples, in the video below you can check the taster pack for to download for free.
Video showing the free cinematic drum samples files included to test:

These are the cinematic drum samples included in the taster pack:

Cinematic  drum samples 1: FREE/CD_Boom_Point2_FRK.wav
Cinematic  drum samples 2: FREE/CD_Dark_120_Reveal_FRK.wav
Cinematic  drum samples 3: FREE/CD_Disto_Crashing2_FRK.wav
Cinematic  drum samples 4: FREE/CD_Drum_SnareHall_FRK.wav
Cinematic  drum samples 5: FREE/CD_Glitch_150_Intercession_FRK.wav
Cinematic  drum samples 6: FREE/CD_Heavy_130_Smell_FRK.wav
Cinematic  drum samples 7: FREE/CD_Hit_Stomp2_FRK.wav
Cinematic  drum samples 8: FREE/CD_Perc_140_Flam_FRK.wav
Cinematic  drum samples 9: FREE/CD_Perc_Clock2_FRK.wav
Cinematic  drum samples 10: FREE/CD_Perc_Woodblock_FRK.wav

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