Create a Indian Percussion loop tutorial - with tabla samples free pack

Hello everyone! Let's create a nice indian music loop, for this tutorial let's create a indian tabla samples for percussion and then download a free pack for the melody.

We will use LMMS music software and Audacity free open source audio editing software to create our indian music loop.

Also you can download a 10 Indian Tabla samples drum patterns to use for your music projects.

Ok to start open your LMMS music software, It would be nice even if you don't have you should download and explore a little of this free open source DAW.
We will use just the soundfont plugin, to download the lmms tabla soundfont sf2 file you can go to this link here:

We will first use LMMS to create the indian folk percussion loops, tabla samples, and then we will open it in Audacity to create the loop with the indian sitar melody loop.

Here you can download the loops patterns tabla samples, it's a free pack so you can use in any way you want: click here to download indian tabla>>>

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