Create a epic battle music intro loop with LMMS

Ok, so in this LMMS tutorial let's create a Epic music loop sample.

Also you can download the LMMS project and the final WAV file loop sample.

LMMS tutorial on how to create a nice epic battle video intro music loop.

For this we are going to be using 3 soundfonts for LMMS, A fiddle, A Woodblock
and a bassoon. It's kinda like a intro for a medieval battle or a background loop for those
scenes where the camera is showing the battle field, that's is the initial idea.
We first will setup the track editor and midi editor.
You can delete the tracks that we are not using and just leave
the soundfont tracks.
Set the BPM to 60 , 4/4 tempo and I like to zoom in the track editor
to about 400%. Add a effect to the soundfont track, we will use TAP Reverberator for this
Epic music loop sample.
In the midi editor setup the music scale to Hungarian and choose B to
mark to the current scale.
THe second part of this tutorial is just about putting the notes in the midi editor.
Very easy tutorial to follow and you can try other notes too and add more instruments
if you like.

To download the soundfont SF2 packs for LMMS go here:

TO download this LMMS project and WAV file go here>>>

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Video editor: Kdenlive
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Thanks for watching and I'll see you for the next tutorial! Bye!