Stock royalty free audo - Funk guitar, drums and bass midi files download and free pack

Guitar funk loops, funk drum loops and bass loops to download. The drum and bass are free and in MIDI files.

You can download a Free pack with the Drums and Bass audio stock files.

Also it has a guitar loops full soundpack to download in this website audio stock.

The guitar loops you can download here:

So I was searching for nice funk guitar loops and I downloaded a teaser pack in the link above. The Drum and bass loop files I did Myself. You can download this midi pack files here:

The funk drum midi file have 5 funk pattern variations, and you can use for a intro, verse or chorus in your projects. You can build a whole song with this 5 drum midi patterns.

Here is what you'll get download the free drum and bass midi pack of stock audio files

MIDI FILE Drum variation 1 - 4 bars
MIDI FILE Drum variation 2 - 4 bars
MIDI FILE Drum variation 3 - 4 bars
MIDI FILE Drum variation 4 - 4 bars
MIDI FILE Drum variation 5 - 4 bars

Bass midi files to donwload:

MIDI FILE Bass variation 1 - A key - 4 bars
MIDI FILE Bass variation 2 - A key - 4 bars
MIDI FILE Bass variation 3 - E key - 4 bars
MIDI FILE Bass variation 4 - E key - 4 bars
MIDI FILE Bass variation 5 - A key - 4 Bars


This audio stock website that I downloaded the guitar funk loops it is one of the  best stock music sites that I know so far so it is worth to check it.They have drum loops, drum midi, loops, midi files, soundpools, and the great thing is they have audio formats for a specific music software. For example if you use reason, ableton or any other it can be downloaded in this format. Now this stock audio website provides WAV, MP3 and OGG files, so if you are working on Magix Music Maker this can be pretty easy to import to your own soundpools. So don't forget to check this stock royalty free audio website or at least bookmark for future consult.

More stock audio here:

Here is some freebies, my creation only:

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Author: Fernando Josei