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Promote your music for free - Best and trending way possible - THIS IS NEW!

How to advertise your music better than Reditt website!

How to market and promote your music fast, free, and more ... Make friends and network!

How to promote your music free?

There is a lot of ways to promote music free in these days, you can make a blog, create a website, post your songs and beats in music platforms such as, SoundCloud, Airbit, and Mix Cloud, and you can see that it will take a jump, but, there is a better way to promote your music free and have the same results and better! If you want to know how to promote your music independently this is the best way to start! I could chat with yout 100 top ways to promote your music that actually work, but 99% of them will ask you for a good cash, not saying this is bad, but if you want to know the best place to promote your music online, like self promote and see instant results, Drooble is the best answer. You could use Facebook or Spotfy Ads to promote your music, but the difference is that Drooble has a tons of promotion tools that it is specially developed for musicians, bands, your music albuns and songs.

This is a beautiful Music promotion service, that will help you to promote your music worldwide and get heard by millions of people over the world. You could arrange a world tour! It's all about making network these days, and you know it!

The future is now! How to promote your music on a budget!? Be part of this loving community! Have a full music album? A music single? A music video? Are you on a shoestring budget? There is no problem now! You can promote your music with a Wix Artist Website for music, but you'll need people to see that too, you can post the links to your website, buy my music links, social media links, Soundcloud pages, cd baby store page etc...

The best way on how to promote your song is through a new website called>>>
This is where to promote music and your music videos the best way possible and get instant results.
Promote your music free on Drooble! It's really easy to upload your songs, put the ISRC and even sell it on the drooble website.

Also the website has contests, radio online, promotion tools and the better, the network. The website has millions of music business contacts over the world so, the chances for you to get a nice contact manager or anything is huge.


The website has Karma points. Karma points are like money but you get them for free on Drooble and you can only use them here.For example, every time your song is played, someone comment on your music, share, you will earn Karma points! If you help the community by sharing your Drooble link, comment on other artist songs, listen to the songs you will earn too.

I start promoting my music couple of days ago in Drooble website and, as you can see, above is a picture of how much Karma Points I've earned. as you can see it's a nice interface, very easy to follow and 

See my romatic piano ballad instrumental, I posted and you can check the interface, music player and see other things the website have:

You can Karma point to be the music of the day on the radio, top 10, buy press kits, Album review, blog interview and more...

So, what are you waiting to promote your music FREE? Get started with DROOBLE >>>>


Also you can have great music free feedback, you can use Advanced Insights and get a deeper and more specific feedback on topics such as production, songwriting and audience.



"I really think Drooble is the next best thing for musicians after online streaming! It is what I was missing in my life as a musician. I got more plays of my first 3 uploaded songs here in 2 days, than all..."
Seraf Dos Santos Musician and Producer

" Joining Drooble has been one of the best things I have ever done. It has allowed me to meet like-minded musicians and has opened up a whole new world of creative" possibilities.
Rob Tunbridge Musician and Singer/songwriter

 Drooble is my dream service! I can't wait until we topple the industry!"
Devyn AnthonyIndependent Recording Artist

I've only had music on here for a week and Drooble is now my main go-to social media site.
David WrightMusician

Now you know how to advertise your music for free and be part of a great community that is growing so fast! If you ask yourself how to market and promote your music.. Drooble is the answer. In Drobole's website there's a tons of ways to promote music and how to promote your song and share to the world your work! Drooble is where to promote music and of course Promote your music free!! GO TO DROOBLE WEBSITE>>>

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