Music manager software - Easily manage all your content! New Release!

Introducing Loop cloud Manage music software. 

This version is free and you can use to manage all your music, samples and loops in one place.

Increase your workflow with LoopCloud and tag easily all your music content in one place!

Hey guys, just a quick tip. I found this awesome music manager software. It brings a new technology for music production. If you need to manage more than millions of music and sounds, LoopCloud is for you.

Add your own samples, loops and sounds. It's a cloud app.

It's really simple, simply using the Plus button or drag and drop files or any folders into loopcloud, or search for folders.

The algorithms will analyzer the files and add tags automatically. It's very quick process. Your content is automatically tagged. Instruments, BPM and key are some of the important tags that you will need to produce music better.

Also the Tag algorithm will correct any issue, or delete any tag for any files and folders. You can use Edit tag module.

This app is amazing and it will help you a lot and organize all your music files. This the best music manager software in the industry, and I think it's the only one.

You can create custom tags with ease simple click and help you find the music and samples that you need in a click.

You can also search just the local content on your computer that you just downloaded, just by clicking in the disk button next to the loop and one-shot buttons at the top of the app. If you search for file it will be displayed only the content found on your computer, once your content been added there will be a dynamic link between it and loopcloud will make changes if you change anything in your computer's folder.

Once your sound library has been analysed and properly tagged, you can take advantage of blue clouds incredible search and filtering systems loop, patterns for one-shots and of course the auto-key feature which automatically fits shifts any melodic content to your desired key.

You will always have the ability to drag and drop the original or the processed version of nay files, it should go without saying that you always have access to your loop masters content in the cloud and with the ever-growing content in the loop cloud store when you nee something.

See more features in this music manager software free download!

THis music manager software is free and it's availaable for download here>>>

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Author: Fernando Kanashiro