How to get more instruments in magix

Hey guys in this quick tip, let's see how to get more instruments for free version of Magix Music Maker.

If you want to test more sounds in Magix Music maker music software, make this procedure and test more instruments in the free version of magix software.

You don't need to download any strange pack or do some crazy things with crack and other things.

As you noticed, Magix Music Maker free version only has Revolta 2, a drum kit and the piano vst instrument. Let's see how we can add the full vst package Vita 2 in Magix Free version.

Ok, the procedure is simple to add more instruments to your Magix free version.
Someday I was using Magix Music Maker and decided to download Samplitude Music Studio , the Trial version. They offer Samplitude Music Studio a trial version that you can test the full functionally of the DAW without paying anything. You can test the program for 30 days and after that you'll need to purchase the music software.

Ok, after installing Samplitude Music Studio alongside with my Magix Music Maker free version software, I started to download all the instruments that Samplitude offers in their full version. That's a lot of instruments and you can download very quickly too.

The thing is that the Magix Installation Manager and Library manager, they share the same library for the instruments, so for some reason, the Vita 2 VST package it works in the Magix Music Maker free version. So I don't know how long they'll keep that way, but I think is good for you to take advantage of this to try more sounds in your Magix Music Maker free version before buying the Premium version.

The Vita 2 VST Package for magix free version has the instruments:

Piano Grand
Strings: violin, cello, bass, viola, and more....
Guitar: acoustic, eletric, jazz, and others....
Metals: Sax, trumpet, and others...
Percussions kit: ethnic, orchestral percussion , and more....
And others vst instruments....

So, to add more instruments to your Magix Free version, just download and install the Samplitude Music Studio or Samplitude Pro X3 and download the Vita 2 Vst Package and after that you will see available in your Magix Music Maker free version.