Free soundpools to download - Taiko drums(with tutorial)

Download this free pack of soundpools to play in Magix Music Maker or any Music software that you use!

It contains 54 loops and samples to use and you can create a lot of taiko beats, even the folk ones.

I'll show in the video how to import a soundpool to magix music maker and show the loops and samples that this audio library has.

Ok, so I used to play Taiko Drums here in my city, basically I play the folk music, the old performances that Japan and their culture created along the time.

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By BrianAdler - Own work, Public Domain, Link

Taiko is very old form of music, they used this drum in wars, to scare enemies, in rituals to call gods, in festival etc... Nowadays the taiko is represented by the artistic groups that reinvented the form of expression of this tradition, they are called kumi daiko, which means "playing in group".These days there are groups that play their own taiko compositions and there are groups that play the traditional folk performances to keep telling the ancient stories behind the taiko.

Modern groups:

Traditional folk performances

My taiko group plays the traditional ones, like , Buchi Awase Daiko, Miyake daiko,  Chichibu Yatai Bayashi, Hachijo Daiko, etc...
My sensei plays in Araumaza group, and here you can watch the first time he came here in my city to do a workshop that starts taiko here in my city:

His name is Takuma Sawasaki, he did the show with his other group , Kotaro group from Paraguay:

There are taiko drums that cost a Rolls-Royce car. The insturments they are very difficult to make, it takes a long time untill the wood gets prepared and the cow skin needs a special treatment too.

Here I have a video with me playing taiko, I'm the one with the long hair, this is a japanese festival that occurs every year here in the city that I'm living in. the performance is called Buchi Awase Daiko:

In this Free Soundpools you can download 54 loops and samples. It contains pattern variations of taiko rhythm, I put some folk ones. It contains, single notes and also the patterns that I've played, the taiko beats that are most common to create taiko drum rhythms.

All the files are in Ogg audio format, and you can use in any music project that you are working on.

In the video I show the files and also how to import to your magix soundpools library, and I show a little piece of music that I did with the loops and samples that it contains in the Taiko drums soundpools.




Here you can find more Drums soundpools to download and import into your music software:

Ok, hope you guys can create some great songs and music in  your music software and let me know in the comments if you have any sugestions or link to the music that you used this soundpool.

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 Author: Fernando Pereira