Deep bell sound effect pack - 124 loops midi and one shot audio stock files

Deep bell sound effect pack - 124 loops midi and one shot audio stock files to use for music and movie sound effects.

Deep bell sound effect bundle has 52 oneshots, 32 loops, 32 midi files to use to create nice movie sound effects or music sound effects.

This audio stock pack can be downloaded at the end of this page, if you are looking for church bell sound effect youtube audio library just check it out!

Check out with more details low bell sound effect and more in my SoundCloud music Player:

Good town crier bell sound effect and you can do a lot more with these loops and samples. Besides the MIDI files, you can use the one shot files to create your own progressions. In the track editor or you can use for example, in LMMS audio processor plugin, where you use a audio sample as a intrument for the midi editor.

I put a great idea bell sound effect in this pack and hope you can use this bell sounds and simple bell sound effect in your music creations, video production and movie sound effects.
This bell sound effect download PACK is great and has some chords in it, I put 32 loops chord variation for you to use, It's in C key and all the chord formats, C, Cminor, C7 , Cmaj7, Cmin7, Csus4 and Csus2, so if you have a nice music software that can make the Pitch modulation you can use to create a hole chord progression in any Key that you want.

52 deep bell sound effect ONE SHOT audio files

deep bell sound effect files included:

32 deep bell sound effect MIDI FILES

124 audio files deep bell sound effect

32 Loops of deep bell sound effect

These dark bell sound effect bundle you can download right here:

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