Free download - Trap beat drum patterns pack

Lmms trap beat out of the oven! 10 trap drum beats to download for free!

You'll have a lot of options for trap beats 2018! You can even make these trap beats free download or pay what you want to give us a little contribution!

Make these trap beats for sale if you want to put it in your projects too!

Hey guys just upload here trap beats free for you to download, you can finally stop searching 'trap loops download' , I have here a trap loops pack for free and also the better website here for you to find the perfect music, loop, midi, audio stock, mp3, Wav, Ogg, samples, patterns, and anything related for people who wants some nice trap drum kit 2018.

the free trap loops samples are:

4/4 time signature
1 bar drum pattern
70 BPM

It has 2 bar example with some melodies, you can use as a loop for background music videos too.

All trap loops for free audio files are in WAV audio format.

Hear without melody in it:


Here is the lmms trap beat  with some melodies that I improvised just to see how it sounds:

These work fine for trap drum patterns and to start some music creation and let the ball rolling until you find your perfect melody.

Trap Premium Packs:


Download more drum samples free here: