How to enable to watch NetFlix in KxStudio 14.04 LTS

Hey guys, quick tip for fix Netflix in KxStudio.

In moments of day off, I love to watch movies and series in Netflix, I'm current using KxStudio.

By default KxStudio doesn't come with Netflix enable to watch in Firefox 53.v . Let's just fix this error in a simple way.



So, when you install KxStudio for the first time, it has Firefox 53.v installed. When you open Netflix you'll get a message that your browser is out of date.
But you can fix this without need to install a newest version of Firefox.

Let's proceed with:

Open your Firefox and paste in this to the url:

Now, go to content and enable DRM content, check the box to play DRM content:

 Now the Netflix error is solved:

Ok, this is it, very simple to fix Netflix to watch movies and series in Firefox using KxStudio Linux OS.

I'm new to Linux so, sorry if this is to simple, but I'm loving using KxStudio, is a perfect distro for Audio Production, I was using Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu to Audio production but, KxStudio is more focus for that kind of job, but still Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu are perfect for others types of work.

See you in the next Post! Bye!