Bug: Swami won't open in debian, ubuntu and fedora (what to do?)

I was having trouble to open Swami Instrument Editor in a lot of Linux distros.

I was using Debian after I tried Fedora and Ubuntu, but I was getting same errors to open Swami Instrument Editor.

I'm a newbie in using Linux and, There is a lot of bug errors and I was searching over the internet to fix swami errors loading plugins like fftune.so etc, but I couldn't find anything to help me, so what to do in this case?

Swami soundfont creator
Swami soundfont creator

Linux soundfont creator - Swami screenshot
Swami soundfont editor - screenshot

Hey guys,I'm new to Linux  so in this post I just want to tip you with a nice Linux distro for audio production, if you are having trouble to open Swami Instrument Editor, I assume that you want a distro for audio production, and I have one good solution for you, the Linux distro KxStudio. If you are experienced in Linux , you may not find this a good solution, but this is for beginners like me.

Swami won't go for updates anymore so, you can use Petri-foo, which can create soundfonts for you too and there are people working on it.

You could also check it out a Vst creator, to create VST instruments using Hise Audio.

Linux for musicians
Linux for musicians - Kx studio

This is a linux distro that collects applications and plugins for professional audio production.
KXStudio provides Debian and Ubuntu compatible repositories and its own Linux Distribution currently based on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS.

You can see more details here on the official page: https://kxstudio.linuxaudio.org/

 I was having trouble to install Swami Instrument editor in my linux, first was Debian, I love Debian but I just want a nice linux distro for audio production, and KxStudio is more complete for that kind of work. It has a lot of audio packages already install and swami it's open fine now.

Problems like:

Failed to load plugin "/usr/lib/swami/fftune.so": /usr/lib/swami/fftune.so


libswami-Message: Loading plugins from /usr/lib/swami libswami-Message: Loaded 4 plugins

it won't appear anymore, so my advice if you work with audio production is that you change for that linux distro, or just try for a while, and also for audio here it is 2 more linux distro for you to check, I didn't but I'm putting here for you to have more options, they are audio production linux distro too:

Ubuntu studio linux distro for artists
Ubuntu Studio logo



Linux for musicians
Bandshed Avlinux

So I discover KxStudio by myself, but you can check this post on another website to see more opinions and feel the advantages of installing an Audio Production Linux distro:


So to fix my worries about installing audio software and Swami Instrument editor in Linux and have the right distro, I changed from Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu to an audio production linux distro: KxStudio.

Sorry if I could not fix your Swami plugin error in your favorite distro, but just try another distro and it may save a lot of time for you in the future!