Free piano background music for videos - romantic ballad

audio music download - Piano ballad instrumental - Chillout sessions here at Your Own Music!

Created with LMMS, this piano solo is pretty good to go as background music for your youtube videos!

This Piano music is great for speed art, time-lapses and digital art videos!

Hey guys I'm exploring a lot LMMS software and I've just created here one piano solo for romantic or love videos.

LMMS is a great music software and we can create a lot of songs, it's very easy to use and has a lot of plugins and instruments too.

I'm creating a lot of music for download and I will use a lot of this music program to make the music, I've changed to Linux a couple of month ago and I'm really enjoying using linux, I'm using Debian Stable OS and it's been great so far.
I Uploaded the audio music download here:

You can sell your songs, beats and albums and get instant payment. It's really easy to upload your music and start earn money with joy!

All the software are for free you can check it out here:

So, you can download the piano song here:

 Hope you guys enjoy and see you on the next post!

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audio music download - romantic ballad by