Magix free soundpools - Drum samples library FREE PACK

Hey guys, just upload a 23 drum pack with midi and loop files, they are in Midi and OGG files, you can use as Magix Soundpools.

All the patterns have their time signature, tempo and the bars in it, and the style too and you can put in your Magix sample library.

It's a great drum kit to download if are looking for some drum patterns and beats to add to your melodies.

Here are the rhythm styles that this drum midi and loops pack have, I put some Brazilian drum midi loops samples too:

Magix Drum soundpools:

Drum sample 1 :Jazz
Drum sample 2: Boogie
Drum sample 3: Blues
Drum sample 4: Afrocuban
Drum sample 5:  Swing Beats
Drum sample 6: Shuffle blues
Drum sample 7: Sixties
Drum sample 8:  Bossa Nova
Drum sample 9: Calypso
Drum sample 10: Maracatu
Drum sample 11: Carimbó
Drum sample 12: Batuque
Drum sample 13: Baião
Drum sample 14: Bolero

Watch the video to check out me showing the playback of  the drum samples:

You can download the Magix Soundpools 23 MIDI LOOP DRUM KIT SAMPLES here: 

More drum packs to download:

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