Power Guitar on Magix Music Maker - User test

Let's play a powerful guitar on Magix Music Maker Free Edition!

This is a quick tip on how to find magix vandal guitar amp on Magix!

The video is just me showing how I like my rock guitars in Magix Music Maker Free Edition!

Hey guys, so in this video, I will show how I got my Vita Guitar in Magix Music Maker free edition and add a nice plugin, the  Magix Vandal plugin.

The Magix Vandal is a vst that you can find in Magix music maker free version, just click in the fx Button in the track editor and then the Plus Icon in the filters windows. There you can find a lot of others plugins, like compressor, equalizer, reverbs, limiters, delays, chorus, and others.

Inside Vandal, you can see that you have a lot of options and it comes with a guitar or bass amp.

Here you can see how guitarists set they guitars with the amps, pedals, and simulators:

This image is from the website: https://www.guitareuromedia.com/gallery/kirk-windstein-guitar-gear-rig-down-2007/ find out the set of your favorite guitar player.

In the free edition of Magix Music Maker, you can find a lot of pedals for chorus, delays, reverbs and others. And you can choose a set of amps and choose the best sound for your guitar. Also, you can simulate cabinets both for bass and for guitars.

Magix Vandal guitar amp - Power Guitar on Magix Music Maker Free Edition

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