Magix music maker soundpools - free alternative resources

In this Magix soundpool free tutorial, let's learn how to add new soundpools to the sound pool manager.

I will show a website that has some great Soundpools pro audio alternatives!
Let's see how to install a Magix Soundpool and see what we can use to create nice music.
And the good news is that these magix soundpools alternatives are free to download.
Free download magix soundpool
Music Maker Magix Soundpools resources

Hey guys so in this Magix Music Maker tutorial, let's find out how to add new Sound Pools to Magix Music Maker library. 

The free edition only has the Feel Good Package, it's a great sound pool pack but it's not enough if you are constantly creating music in your computer, whether for your youtube videos, speed arts, video tutorials, video intros, and others. You can search in the store tab, inside the music maker premium and you will find about 8 free other soundpool dvd collection, but you will need more resources than that, so Let's see a good alternative way to create our own soundpools collection.

You can Always check if the magix soundpool store has some free soundpools, Log in with your magix login and password and you will be ready to go! You can see on the vídeo how we can purchase them and use:

The official Magix soundpool webiste have some free alternatives for you to download as well. And also, have some very cheap soundpools like $0.99 cents and $1.99 cents. Here is another Magix soundpool website, it has some more magix soundpools free, you unifying producer planet and catooh, you will have a lot of audios samples to create some music.

Just upload some new magix soundpool dvd , this I create to function as a soundpool, different than a samples pack, download for free, the punk drums kit has a tutorial on how to use magix soundpool kits, check out:
 (update Dez.2018)

magix soundpool - punk drums
Magix soundpool free download - taiko drums

Editing and building demo songs with soundpools is different than creating music in the midi editor with live pad mode, screen keyboard or directly at it. The sounds features in the track editor and midi editor are different to manipulate, some prefer to build with sounds and loops, others to create from zero using midi editor.

Here is my tutorial the magix soundpool punk drum pack:

You can watch my other magix soundpool tutorial, now I'm using the magix soundpool taiko drums pack:

Also the track editor and midi editor have different sound effects to use, depending on the music software that you are using, for example, the music maker jam software has only loops editing, just track editor mode. The music software like fl studio, samplitude, they have more mastering suite options, preset packs, audio editing tools to create a more professional finishing touch to your music.

The great thing about this music software is that they have a free edition, along with the music maker premium. The second thing is, the soundpool editing and the track editing are perfect to create a music very fast, the program is mostly for that kind of project, if you like to create midi files, and songs from scratch the Magix Music Maker still good but the Samplitude Music Studio and Samplitude Pro X3 are better for that than Magix Music Maker.

Get 1 magix soundpool collection for free
1 magixl soundpool full collection for free
o   Sounds, features & instruments worth a total value of $699.00
 o   NEW! Includes multicore support
 o   NEW! 8 software instruments
 o   NEW! 3 preset packs
 o   NEW! 1 Soundpool Collection ($100.00 value)
 o   NEW! 3 Complete Soundpool Bundles or Soundpools (a value of $19.99 per Soundpool)
 o   Plus VariVerb II and iZotope Ozone 8 Elements
 o   Plus SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 10 ($59.99 value)
Only $99.99 (Regulalry $189.98)!

So I was searching for sound pools online, first, the Magix Has their own website that sells the best sound pools ever,  so here is a website that I found if you want some nice and professional sound pools alternatives to create your music with it , and you can combine and pump it up your soundpools collections, it's a good start to if you are out of cash to buy magix soundpools:

Here we have other websites it's worth to check it out sounds and loops, they have a large musical production resources:

This one have great music producers behind it:

You can search for instruments of your choice too:;a_aid=594d72ec243ea&amp;a_bid=7ed23f0e<a href=";a_aid=594d72ec243ea&amp;a_bid=7ed23f0e" target="_blank"><img src="//" alt="Register for Free Samples and Loops at" title="Register for Free Samples and Loops at" width="320" height="100" /></a>

When you click in the sound pools menu, in the Media Pool button in the right superior corner(or click f2) in the Magix Music Maker program, you will see that has a configure icon, click in it and then click in the add new soundpools.

Magix soundpool tutorial screenshot1
Magix soundpool screenshot 1

So, you will need to go to the soundpool folder and paste the folder of the new magix soundpool into that.

Magix soundpool tutorial screenshot 2
Magix soundpool screenshot2

The free version has less magix soundpools , but if you check other version of magix music maker, you can find some with pretty good collections:;

Magix soundpool
Magix music maker collection

In the music software video tutorial, I create a simple music using the soundpools collection that I downloaded for free to follow along with the tutorial, you can see all the process here:

You might like to check some Hip Hop Preset Packs to combine with your magix soundpools or use as magix soundpools resources:

But for better use of loops and samples like these below it's better to have Acid Pro 8 by Magix, check it out this awesome deal only $3:

get acid pro to manipulate and create music with loops and samples
Music software to use as magix soundpools alternatives. This deal has 9GB of loops and samples to use ready to go!
Get Acid Pro, you can use the full trial version too here>>

Magix hip hop presets
hip hop preset packs and samples

Hip hop synth presets trap
Hip hop synth presets pack

To finish this post, we do not have to much of magix soundpools free download, but we know that we can use loops and samples to create our music with the same level as with the soundpools. You can make the same thing with loops and samples, but the difference is that Magix Music maker Software features you can organize better the sound samples inside the music software, that's is the charm of Magix.
Magix soundpool music producers choices

Here are some of my freebies and tips that you may like:

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Drum samples
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Izotope ozone elements
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Orange Vocoder alternatives

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