Magix Music Maker free edition - Pitch bend tutorial

Let's use Magix Music Maker Free edition articulations for guitar pitch bend.

In this Magix music maker tutorial, I will show how to bend a note for a guitar effect in rock grunge music.

Let's play the Intro from the Blew Nirvana music from the album Bleach.

So in Magix Music Maker free edition, you have the options for creating some articulations in the music notes. In the Midi Editor in Magix, you can use the velocity editor panel to create others articulations and dynamics in the music notes.

In this Magix Music Maker tutorial I will simply use the Pitch bend effect to create a nice effect in the guitar melody in the Nirvana Blew Music, I create this but it's not perfect so sorry if you are a big fan of Nirvana, I am, but i not sure I could translate the music into the perfect notes, but you'll get the vibe!

In Magix Free Edition it comes with only 3 instruments, but here is a temporary way to use others instruments in Magix Music Maker free music software, in this tutorial I used the Chorus Bass, Power Chords for the guitar and a drum kit Percussion:

Watch this explanation on pitch bending in guitar :

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