Free music making software - More magix instruments for free

Let's use a free music making software with more instruments to create music!

With a nice music production software you can always create the music you want!

You can put or music in a copyright website and post in to youtube and sell anywhere, but first let's see what a  music making software can do for our projects!

Magix Music Maker is a free music making software to compose, write, mix, produce and to create music in any way you want.

This music editing software, can work with loops, they have a nice library that you can use to create music in minutes, only drag and drop the files into the track editor.

In this post i want to show you how we can create a simple music using the free version of this best music production software. In the free edition of Magix Music Maker program, it only has 3 instruments available, but click here to see how we can add  guitar, bass, strings, wood flutes, percussion, eletric pianos, brass, ethno percussion, power chords, click here in the link:  Magix music maker instruments download>>>

In this peace of music that i created, nothing to special, this is for you to see what we can do with more magix instruments. I tried to create like a sad pop song , it has the intro 1 verse, 1 chorus and a outro, like a breakdown but ending the piece.

First i create a nice guitar melody in E Minor, i use this website to search for a chord progression:

Then i use the Auto Theory Plugin from Plugin Boutique >>  to see the chords in this key and trying to find a nice sound to put in the guitar melody.

Then i use the Bass and a drums to complete the guitar melody. I put also some Synth sounds using Revolta 2.

This creation is very simple, i'm still learning, but if you have some music knowledge you definitly can create a more beautiful song then me.

This is the video , Hope you like it! Leave a comment!

Free music making software - More instruments in the free version

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