Magix Music Maker (Solved) - recording vocals Mic sounds only come in on one side

How to fix audio recorder problems in Magix Music Maker.

In this post let's easy fix the audio recorder and make the vocals sound in both sides of the speakers, ears or headphones.

It's only a matter of use the right channel mode in your audio recording settings in Magix Music Maker.

Hey guys, in this post we will be showing how to fix Magix Music Maker audio recording problems when the sound only play in one side of the headphones, speakers or ears.

First let's understand the channel mode for audio in sound systems, this problem is related to the channel mode Mono and Stereo and it's only a matter of change that in the settings >>audio recording :

The difference is in the number of channels (signals) used. Mono uses one, stereo uses more than one. In monaural sound one single channel is used. It can be reproduced through several speakers, but all speakers are still reproducing the same copy of the signal.

In stereophonic sound more channels are used (typically two). You can use two different channels and make one feed one speaker and the second channel feed a second speaker (which is the most common stereo setup). This is used to create directionality, perspective, space.

This text is from the website: you can check a more full explanation on Mono and Stereo sound system.

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