Magix Music Maker magnifying glass tool - Midi editor stuck in zoom tool(SOLVED)

Hey guys let's fix Midi editor Magnifying glass problem in Magix Music Maker Software.

Sometimes the zoom tool can be stuck in Magix Music Maker Midi editor window.

Let's find a way to make this problem in Magix Music Maker be solved.

I was just about to use Magix Music Maker another day, before this I used a lot the software to make a Project and didn't clean any cache or history in my computer.

So When i open again the Music Maker software , i first create a Midi Object of 2 bars and then , after open the Midi editor Window, i couldn't use the selection and the draw tool in the midi editor.
It was stuck in the Zoom Tool, the Magnifying Glass tool.

So i tried everything, i went to magix support website, tried every thing that they advice, but still no solution.

I started to click in a lot of Keys in the keyboard, tried Ctrl+ a lot of Keys, and others combinations,
that's when i tried to CRTL+ALT+ DEL, and then the Task Manager appears, when i closed and it returns normal in the Midi Editor.

I don't know why this is happening, maybe some update need to be necessary in Magix Music Maker , but untill that happen, we could use this simple CRTL + ALT + DEL solution to temporarilly fix the problem in Midi Editor Magnifying Glass tool problem.

In this vídeo i show how o did:

Ok , hope this could help at least for emergency type of solution, i don't know why this happen to Magix, if it's some key that i press and in some way mess with Magix Music Maker shortcuts, or if its a vírus or something wrong with the last  update that Magix team did, but for now i think could help a lot!

Thank you and i see you in the next post!


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