How to make drum beats - learn to read and write rhythm

Hello to everyone! In this mini course we are going to learn how to read and
write rhythm , both in Music Sheet using Musescore Music Software and Magix
Music Maker Software.

The goal in this course is to learn to create amazing drum beats and percussion
beats and use for your work such as youtube music, music band and other projects.

We will cover how to read a music sheet of a drum set or percussion, covering
all the Music Theory for Rhythm in music transcription and how to write a music
sheet into Magix Music Maker Software.

how to make beats - module rhythm
how to learn to read rhythm and play in any DAW

For now, we are only covering the rhythmic music theory part. We can divide the
music in 3 sections: Rhythm, Melody and Harmony, for this course we are going to
cover only rhythm, but stay tune for others courses here with us:

Steps that we are going to take throughout the course:

1. Learn the division in time for music
2. Learn how to recognize a rhythm from a music rhythm
3. Learn Meter Signatures
4. Learn Music Sheet and the most used symbols and transcriptions to read
5. Learn different rhythm styles across the world
6. Learn How to read a partiture and play into Magix Music Maker

Ok, let's get started with the softwares, download MuseScore and Music Maker

Free version:

Before you download Music Maker on Magix Website, you need to watch my
youtube video on how to put more instruments on Magix Free version:

First, let's use Music Maker to learn division in time and grouping beats. After
doing that we are going to cover music theory and symbols, to read sheet music and
then we are going to use both, to write music sheet and to play a music sheet into
Magix Music Maker.

 Magix Music Maker is a free music software to use for creating, editing and
mixing music and audio files. It's a great software to start if you're a beginner, this
type of program can be called DAW(digital audio workstation) and you can find,
some similar programs such as Ableton, Reaper, Samplitude(Magix too), Music
Studio(Magix too), Fruit Loops, Lmms and a lot of others.

Musescore is a music software too, but it's a music notation software, which is
more focused on writing music sheets rather than producing and mixing audio files.
But you can play and import or export Midi Files or Audio files(Wav, Mp3, etc), we
will learn that too, later in this course. You can check Sibelius, it's a great music sheet
software but you need to pay for that, the quality is more professional like. But
Musescore is good enough to write music notation.

You can help us enrolling in our course here:

 but if you are broke for now, you can learn either way without the ebook only watching the videos and making the exercises: