Fixing Magix Installation Manager wont install in windows 10 1703 version

Hello, it's been a while since the last post, sorry! I recently reinstalled my windows 10, now in version 1703.

So in this video tutorial i will explain to you the problem that i was having to install Magix Music Maker or other Magix Programs.

I will show to you in this video how i finally get to install the Magix Music Maker in my Windows 10 1703 version.

The problem was that i was trying to install the Magix Music Maker software in my newWindows 10 1703 version and when i was clicking in the Exe file, the extraction of the files start but nothing happens by them.

So , since my Windows 10 was new, i didnt have Microsoft Visual C++ versions installed, so i needed to install for myself:

So i installed Java 8, Adobe air and adobe flash player, i dont know if the Magix Installation manager need these programs but it is ok to install anyway.

Just be carefull to install Flash Player, some updates they were talking that came with virus, so when you install dont allow automatic update, i put here to never search for  updates.

To finish, i don't know if it has something to do with the related problem here but, i didnt have my homegroup network set up so it's, i don't understand to much of computer but you can try to do this too.

But i think the problem was the Microsoft Visual C++ packages, they need a time to update so when you install the packages, wait like 4 days to update the packages, or try to update your windows manually.


Hope i could help and see you in the next Magix Music Maker tutorial!


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