Royalty free music sound effects - Bell Sounds for movies and clips

Royalty free music sound effects - Bell sound collection.

 royalty free audio clips in WAV format for movie sounds.

Purchase sound effects for your clips and films.

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This is a pack of audio efx for bell sounds, contains 6  loops of bell sounds for movie effects.

This is a WAV file of background sound effects to use in movies, film and videos, also in music and songs too.

Bell sounds:

Fx for free  royalty free use 1:Dark Cathedral
Fx for royalty free use 2: Fair Tale Chimes
Fx for free  royalty free use 3: Flower Bells
Fx for  royalty free use free 4: Icy Winds
Fx for  royalty free use free 5: Spheric Bells

Download deep bell sound effect here:

This is a audio that has all the note values, from whole note to thirty second note. And it has in c1, c2,c3,c4,c5,c6,c7,c8 pitches, its a long file that you can import once into to the software editor and choose which value or pitch you want drag and drop as you can see in the video: