Movie sound clips to download - PAD fx Stock audio

Download sound effects for movies, film, videos and music. It's a pad stock

These are free sound effects for you and your production. 

In this file you can download movie sound clips to use in any kind of project that you want. 

 This is a WAV file of background sound effects to use in movies, film and videos, also in music and songs too.

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sound fx 1: Dark Forest pad
sound fx 2: Cloud Pad
sound fx 3: CInematic Landscape sounds
sound fx 4: Choral pad
sound fx 5: Bowed pad
sound fx 6: Beauty pad

This is a mp3 movie file that has all the note values, from whole note to thirty-second note. And it has in c1, c2,c3,c4,c5,c6,c7,c8 pitches, its a long file that you can import once into to the software editor and choose which value or pitch you want drag and drop as you can see in the video.