Magix Music Maker Tutorials - Power chords vst instrument Play Israel's son Intro

Hello Silverchair Fans!!! Let's learn how to play Israel's son intro using Magix Music Maker software.

After learn this tutorial, you will be able to play more rock songs using Magix Music Program.

The most important vst instrument that we can use for rock song is the Power Chords Vst Instrument, you can find in VITA2 Collection.

Hi, in this Magix Music Maker Tutorial, let's playt Israel's son intro by Silvechair. Here you can listen to the original song:

You can jump into the final result here: 22:50

 Download Magix Music Maker:

Along with this tutorial we can learn several tools and workflow for future projects using Magix Music Maker, so it's good to learn more about this music software.

We are going to explore the Power Chords VST instrument, great part of VITA 2 instrument Plugin in Magix Music Maker.

First we are going to make the bass line, using eletric rock bass instrument and then for the guitar we will use the Power Chords Instrument, the sound is very good and you can make others rock songs with it using the same way i did for Israel's son by Silverchair.

The notes are D, F,G,C ... D, F,G, D

It is always good to learn a little bit of music theory to understand better these tutorials:

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After we are going to add the drums, very easy to make , and sounds pretty good to, for the drums let's use VITA 2 Rock Drums isntrument plugin.

VIDEO TUTORIAL : Magix Music Maker Tutorials - Power chords vst instrument Play Israel's son  Intro

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I'm using the free music creator of Magix Music Maker.

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