Samplitude - Playing Triplets on the Piano Vita Plugin

Let's create a nice triplet melody on the piano using Samplitude Music Studio.

We will set up the midi editor to get easy going in the triplets composition.

With this you can start to make your own melodies using others music scales and chords.

So in this create your own music tutorial, let's set up the midi editor for triplets view and start to compose a great melody using the Bm scales, you can check my blog post that has a little explanation on how to use music scales and chords.

SO triplets are a group of three notes played in the time of two. You can check a fine explanation of this in the

So this is the website i used to see the music scale, if you know the music scales you don't need this, i'm still studying so i needed :(

You can download the MIDI and project files here:

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