Samplitude music studio tutorial - using power chords instrument plugin

Hello, let's create a nice guitar loop using power chords in Samplitude Music Studio.

We are going to create the guitar line and drum line of the music Smoke on the water from Deep Purple.

we will learn to make the bend effect on the guitar in a music software too, Samplitude music studio has it.

Ok , the Samplitude Music studio has this instrument plugin called Power chords, if you dont know what chords are you can go to my chords and music scale tutorial, it has a short explanation of what a chord is.

The guitar disttortion and effects are really great , samplitude has a great quality when we are talking about instruments.

I tried to make the bend guitar techinque sound, i'm not sure if it got good, but i'm still learning the tools in Samplitude Music Studio so, if i discover how to do this bend effect better i will post a similar tutorial about that bending thing.

So we are also make the drums from smoke on the water intro, so its a nice music making tutorial! Enjoy!

Play Smoke on the water intro by Deep Purple on Samplitude Music Studio:

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