Nirvana Breed Intro - How to play using Samplitude Music Studio

Hello everyone, in this samplitude Music Studio tutorial, let's create a intro using this music software. 

We will learn how to create the drum line, bass line and guitar line to make the intro from the music Breed from nirvana.

Its a easy song, and we can add the great plugin for the guitar and bass distortion.

To create the melody you need to understand some basic knowledge about music theory and tabs notations, with this site you can find a lot of songs with the tab notations for future cover songs that youre planning to playing. Breed was a song that when i was 14 years old i played with a band that i had i was like fanatic about Nirvana, really like this band, for me was the best rock band of all times, because of that i already knew the rythm and melodies.

 Here you can find all about this great rock band:

So here is a quick explanation about tab notation and how you can apply in samplitude music studio:

In this version the notes of the guitar strings are D# , it means that is \ half note low then the original notes , for example the notes are C,C#,D,D#,E etc.... but the structure is the same.

If you low the E,A,D,G,B,E a half note you get this: D#,G#,C#,F#,A#,D#. So in the piano midi editor in Samplitude is very easy you only need to see the notes and draw in the rythm graphs.

The simbols #(sharp) b(Flat) means that you have a half note add or subtract when for example, if you see C# it means DO but you will add a half note in this case you will play the black key after the DO white key in the piano, you can read C# as Db  is the same note as you can see .

You can download the file project here:

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