how to make a epic music peace using Samplitude Music Studio

Hey, let's create our own  epic music peace using Samplitude Music Studio.

The midi files  in the project to download are in the bottom post .

With Samplitude Music Studio you can maker your own music , it's a great software.

SO for this video tutorial let's create a epic music peace, kinda like the end of the music, we will use the strings instruments and the Choir to make the women cathedral voices.

The first version i did using the virtual keyboard, but i couldnt record using the keyboard because i need to use the Asio Driver(you can check the explanation for this case to do this, when i use the Asio Driver others programs in my pc wont play sounds, so for this tutorial i use the mmn driver, it will play only the playback, but it's good and we can learn something.

You can download the PROJECT HERE: