How to import audio files and put them in the right place(samplitude MS)

Hey guys, so in this samplitude music studio tutorial,

let's set the track workspace for us to import some audio files in to our music.

We are going to put a hands clapping sound to add to our drum beat that we are going to create in this music creator tutorial.

You can download a great audio stock samples for you to use in others projects, also you can download the project file as well .

The track editor in the editing step in samplitude music studio need to be set according to the way you want to place the audio files into the music, for this we will adjust the division of the tempo and also set some others tools the be seeing like the grid.

It will depend of the rythm of what you want for the audio files, in this case we are going to put the hands clapping loop audio file in the same tempo as the snare in the drum track that we created to make this tutorial.

I tried to make the same beat as Galway girl Edsheeran in the verse part.

Stock audio files free samples  i used ,

 download here:
File project here :

Audio Stock drum midi, ,loops, soundpools, music production courses and a lot more for you to download:

Learn Music Theory:

Download Samplitude Music Studio:

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